StackOS utilizes the power of Blockchain technology to allow their platform users to collectively offer a decentralized cloud.

Through this secured cloud, they can deploy Blockchain private nets, mainnet nodes, full-stack applications, and decentralized apps.

The platform will also be integrated with a technology called Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment)…

In the business landscape, having one of the most advanced techs in the industry doesn’t guarantee success. This tech must be partnered with a great team that can simplify its usage so that more people can take advantage of its massive capabilities. …

We are fortunate to be partnering with a company that is about to change the global credit score system with credit reporting for cryptocurrency.

Welcome, LedgerScore — a platform that provides users with complete data on cryptocurrency transactions and comprehensive and credible credit scores with patent-pending technology. …

iMe Messenger and Crypto Wallet, or iMe for short, is an advanced messaging and cryptocurrency platform that uses Telegram’s API as its foundation.

Telegram is widely known for its privacy-centric messaging app and this is also the main reason why it has gained the trust of millions of users all…

We, at LVT Capital, are always on the lookout for startups and people who can simplify the convoluted world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

And we’re fortunate that, once again, we found a Blockchain group that has the capability to do just this.

Welcome, Roseon Finance.

Roseon Finance is a multipurpose…

The blockchain space is abuzz with life and we, at LVT Capital, are eager to take part in the action along with our new investee in the business — Ternoa Blockchain — as we embark on a campaign to forge strong collaborations in decentralized finance, blockchain and other groundbreaking technologies.

We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership between LVT Capital and Revomon.

At LVT Capital, we take real pride in supporting the best up and coming projects in the blockchain space, and Revomon is a perfect example of that. We are bringing Revomon closer to the Asiapac region via…

LVT Capital

Our Mission is to Invest In Tomorrow's Leaders, Blockchain Businesses and Groundbreaking Technology

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