LVT Capital and iMe Unite To Provide A Breakthrough Crypto Platform Powered By Telegram

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2 min readMay 27, 2021


iMe Messenger and Crypto Wallet, or iMe for short, is an advanced messaging and cryptocurrency platform that uses Telegram’s API as its foundation.

Telegram is widely known for its privacy-centric messaging app and this is also the main reason why it has gained the trust of millions of users all over the world.

And iMe aims to follow Telegram’s stellar achievements by fully utilizing its highly reliable system to deliver secured crypto services for the people.

That is why we, at LVT Capital, are eager to see how iMe would blast through its competitors using Telegram’s architecture which has already made a name when it comes to security.

First off, iMe has all the features you can expect from a messaging app (plus more), like auto-translation, multi-forward chats, and text extractions from images.

It’s Time For The Crypto Side Of Things

While its messaging features are certainly amazing, what makes iMe really special is its advanced crypto services.

Users can use iMe’s chat feature to store, trade, and transfer coins, which gives total convenience for users when doing crypto transactions.

Its stable coin, AiCoin, can be used to purchase in-app monetization that provides holders with an added opportunity to earn from the platform.

iMe’s crypto wallet provides optimum flexibility by supporting cryptos such as Ethereum and Tether, which is currently one of the leading digital assets in the world. More crypto currencies will be added as well.

Three Powerful Techs In One Platform

One great innovation that iMe made on its platform is the integration of three advanced technologies to create a powerful yet easy-to-use platform.

Underneath iMe’s simple user interface, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and DeFi work simultaneously to provide the most secured crypto and messaging service for its users.

At Last, A True Game-Changer

We, at LVT Capital, need not look far to take messaging and cryptocurrency to the next level. With the ingenuity of iMe and LVT Capital’s expertise in blockchain and other crypto-related fields, we can do wonders, right here, right now.

You can learn more about iMe here:

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