LVT Capital And LedgerScore Team Up For An Innovative Global Credit Score Platform

We are fortunate to be partnering with a company that is about to change the global credit score system with credit reporting for cryptocurrency.

Welcome, LedgerScore — a platform that provides users with complete data on cryptocurrency transactions and comprehensive and credible credit scores with patent-pending technology. By creating a new golden standard, LedgerScore is aiming to bridge the gap between centralized (CeFi) and decentralized (DeFi) worlds, while complementing traditional credit score.

We, at LVT Capital, aim to see a future where Blockchain technology can help make people’s lives better. With LedgerScore, our objective becomes clear and attainable.

That is why throughout the years, we’ve been funding Blockchain services that provide protection, innovation, and convenience to the people and we’re happy that LedgerScore is there to make the job easier.

LedgerScore is set to initiate a series of smart solutions that provide total convenience for its customers.

We, at LVT Solutions, are impressed with LedgerScore’s cutting-edge innovations because it’s where great things emerge.

LedgerScore: The Go-To Platform

LedgerScore is a “one-stop” platform where clients can validate, categorize, analyze, and acquire data through its easy-to-understand dashboard. It’s the ease of use of the platform that makes LedgerScore stand out.

All the speed and efficiency are made possible by their integrated Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology that enables LedgerScore to deliver seamless performance.

The platform also comes with Personal, Enterprise, and Platform Solutions well-designed to cater to the varying needs of its clients.

We, at LVT Capital, trust entities that are run by real industry experts; that’s why it’s no wonder we chose LedgerScore to be our latest partner.

With an Advisory Board composed of blockchain, banking, and financial experts, we are confident that this platform is managed by a competent and credible team.

LVT Capital is excited to embark on new projects with a company that truly understands the complexity of Blockchain technology and LedgerScore is built for that.

You can learn more about LedgerScore here:

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Our Mission is to Invest In Tomorrow's Leaders, Blockchain Businesses and Groundbreaking Technology

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Our Mission is to Invest In Tomorrow's Leaders, Blockchain Businesses and Groundbreaking Technology