LVT Capital Teams Up With Tokenplace To Create A Simplified (And Smart) Future

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2 min readJun 7, 2021

In the business landscape, having one of the most advanced techs in the industry doesn’t guarantee success. This tech must be partnered with a great team that can simplify its usage so that more people can take advantage of its massive capabilities. But the “equation’ in simplicity has remained elusive for many businesses, especially in the Blockchain field.

We, at LVT Capital, are happy to discover that one innovative Blockchain company has finally “cracked” the code to execute this big task.

Meet Tokenplace

Tokenplace has invested heavily in creating a trading platform that is friendly to seasoned and even newbie crypto investors. With Tokenplace’s platform, investors only have to use a single window to deposit, withdraw, exchange, and trade. There is no need to separately check numerous windows just to conduct all these things, and this feature provides total convenience for investors.

Simplicity (Plus) Security

Tokenplace’s platform has security features like fingerprint or image log-in, API keys that protect clients’ assets from third-party access, and advanced enterprise-grade security. We, at LVT Capital, are simply impressed with Tokenplace’s clear-cut solutions on protecting their clients’ hard-earned assets. Because security shouldn’t just be lip service or a mere promise, It’s a pledge that must be fulfilled.

TOK: Tokenplace’s Very Own Coin

The platform has also rolled out their own crypto coin called ‘$TOK,’ whose value is powered by the users who are using Tokenplace’s services. They have also created high-value rewards for investors holding large amounts of $TOK coins.

Geared-Up For Success

We, at LVT Capital, fully support Tokenplace’s vision of creating more opportunities for investors through their cutting-edge platform.

And with their incredible team of blockchain and finance experts, their passion, and our support, we believe we have what it takes to go head to head with the best companies in the blockchain industry.

You can learn more about TokenPlace here:

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