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2 min readJun 20, 2021

StackOS utilizes the power of Blockchain technology to allow their platform users to collectively offer a decentralized cloud.

Through this secured cloud, they can deploy Blockchain private nets, mainnet nodes, full-stack applications, and decentralized apps.

The platform will also be integrated with a technology called Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) (CI/CD) which provides a smoother experience for platform users.

Both the enterprises and individuals can benefit and earn from StackOS’s ecosystem by contributing computing resources on the platform’s decentralized cloud.

The platform also allows users to run their private testnet to their DApps privately to ensure that they can have an additional layer of security when doing operations inside StackOS.

And because of their heavy investments in necessary technologies, we, at LVT Capital, are confident that they can seamlessly keep up with the rising demands in the Blockchain and traditional cloud industry.

Multiplying Productivity

Small to mid-size companies currently spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on maintaining the infrastructure. Deploying their applications on StackOS takes away the need to hire expensive DevOps to maintain the infrastructure as StackOS automates that process for them.

StackOS desires to equip their clients with the most advanced tools and relevant information so they can have a competitive edge in whatever industry they are in.

That’s why to provide more benefits to them, StackOS incentivizes everyone in their platform who deploys applications and open-source contributions.

They can also be rewarded with $STACK tokens which they can use to multiply their productivity inside the platform. Plus, users can access StackOS’s more advanced services by staking their tokens on applications deployed on the StackOS protocol.

On top of these things, they can also gain additional disk space, memory, and bandwidth by staking their $STACK tokens on the platform’s decentralized cloud.

Leveraging The Power Of a Dream Team

The reason why StackOS is so good at improving their clients’ productivity and results are because of the industry experts and a diversified team behind it.

And we, at LVT Capital, are proud to partner with a team that shares a common passion of providing a high-level Blockchain service that redefines not only the industries but also the people themselves.

You can learn more about Stack OS here:

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