Ternoa and LVT Capital join forces for NFT-based transmission blockchain

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2 min readMay 13, 2021


The blockchain space is abuzz with life and we, at LVT Capital, are eager to take part in the action along with our new investee in the business — Ternoa Blockchain — as we embark on a campaign to forge strong collaborations in decentralized finance, blockchain and other groundbreaking technologies.

At LVT Capital, we value partnerships and strive to build better relations that produce great results. For instance, with Ternoa, our goal is to help the company become the best in immortalizing digital data that changes people’s lives.

The first blockchain dedicated to building time capsules containing memories and important digital data, Ternoa adds a whole new perspective in the way people store and transmit data over time — and even beyond death. We at LVT Capital endeavours to be part of these memories.

Ternoa: More than just building time capsules

The Cloud has become our primary destination to upload our data with the presumption it will be there forever. But, anything can happen in the virtual stratosphere, and that includes losing all your precious information from, say, unintentional deletion, overwriting, hacking and the Cloud service suddenly shutting down.

Ternoa and LVT Capital believe there’s so much more in simply storing data on digital time capsules. At LVT Capital, whose mission is to invest in future leaders and startups, we help build projects that benefit and inspire people.

LVT-Ternoa fusion: Laying the cornerstone for trust and competitiveness

Ternoa offers a token management model designed to be adaptable and resilient over time. It is powered by a global architecture that features a dual-use non-fungible token (NFT) as well as a distributed Masternodes system, among other cutting-edge infrastructure.

In tandem with Ternoa, we lay the groundwork for sustainability, innovation, and dependability that not only provide people with new technology, but empower them as well to become better versions of themselves. In other words, we make dreams happen. It’s our legacy.

With more than 200 projects currently under evaluation by LVT Capital’s hardworking tech and media team — not to mention investments in more than 40 top-calibre crypto, real estate, finance, education and cybersecurity companies — we put premium on competitiveness and imagination especially on new concepts in NFTs and Blockchain and Ternoa is right there on top of our list.

You can learn more about Ternoa here:

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